10 Beaches You Should Visit in Bali

Bali is rich for its spirituality, temples, lifestyle, rice paddies and people but it also has an extensive coastline with beautiful beaches. However, the beaches don’t always have white sand. Rather, many have dark volcanic sand. The white sand beaches are found in the south of the island in an area called the Bukit Peninsula, where the famous Uluwatu beach is located. You will find world class surf spots in Uluwatu. Surfers come to those beaches for some of the best waves found all over the world. 

You will notice that in Bali the beaches are very unique and different from each other. Therefore, in this post we help you choose some of the best 10 beaches on the island. Whether you are looking for relaxing beaches with nearby shopping options or surfing, we have you covered. The options range from the most popular to the most secret and private beaches. 

  1. Padang Padang

This is one of the best beaches in the Bukit Peninsula and it’s popular with tourists. It’s a good place for surfing, including for the ones learning when the waves are not too big. When it gets too big, just the pros and locals dare to try. Since the waves break far offshore, it’s also a place for swimming in the calm waters close to the sand. This beach is also known for its golden sand, crystal clear waters and sandy bottom. 

It is a small beach surrounded by rocks. You will need to climb a ladder, pass near a temple and walk through a “grotto” in the middle of a rock before reaching the beach under the cliff. Along the stairs, you are likely to see several monkeys and although they are friendly, be aware that they always approach tourists in search of food and sometimes they try to take their belongings.

Once at the beach, you’ll find stalls selling everything from fruit to local artifacts and handcrafted bracelets. 

  1. Jimbaran

This beach is located in a fishing village where time seems to have stopped. Here you will be able to taste the local specialties, get in touch with the locals and enjoy the seaside vibes by seeing the small boats of fishermen returning.

Its stretch of sand is long, its sand is a little dark and the sea is usually very calm and warm. There are some simple bars and restaurants along the beach that often come to life at sunset with music. A very popular program here is to dine in one of the outdoor restaurants on the sand and enjoy the spectacle of the colorful sky while enjoying a good meal. 

Jimbaran Beach is suitable for those looking for peace or for those who want to have a memorable evening.

  1. Kuta

If we talk about Bali beaches, one of the first beaches that comes to our mind is Kuta Beach. Kuta Beach is a long sandy beach and perfect location to enjoy the beautiful nature and sunset. 

Kuta Beach is located on the southwest coast of Bali, the area where you can see some of the most magical sunsets on the entire island. When the sun’s rays hide, Kuta Beach begins to fill with people playing soccer, guitar, the vendors go hunting and others simply wait to see nightfall. Sipping a cold Bintang (local beer) and watching the sunset on the beach is one of the best things to do here. 

Also one of the main reasons to come to Kuta Beach is the opportunity to surf, as it is the perfect spot for beginners since the bottom is sandy, rather than sharp coral, and there are generally waves or “foams” of a sufficient size for those who want to start.

  1. Seminyak

If you’re a nature lover but also can’t miss a good drink and a night out on the beach, don’t worry: Bali has it all. Seminyak has idyllic white-sand beaches lined with vibrant bars, restaurants and beach clubs that stay open late. Every day hundreds of people gather at the beach clubs in the late afternoon to drink to the sound of DJ’s and enjoy unforgettable sunsets. 

It’s recommended to anyone who wants a fancy mix of bars and beaches. 

Seminyak Beach also offers a good infrastructure with places to rent chairs, loungers and kayaks. The beach, which is quite large with huge stretches of sand, offers the possibility of taking long walks. Its sand is yellowish, the water is clear and the whole scenery is beautiful. Seminyak is also ideal for surfers or someone looking for classes.

  1. Dreamland

The name says it all. Dreamland Beach, located in the south of the Bukit Peninsula, is a pearl discovered by surfers. Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful view with a stretch of white sand beach framed by limestone cliffs that touch the jagged coastline.


The beach has limited access, which means that its number of visitors is not very large, and it is surrounded by a stone wall in front of the sea. It is a beach of white sand and blue sea, which usually has strong waves making it one of the best places on the island to surf.

The sea, as in the whole area of ​​Bali, has warm waters and it’s a great spot to take pictures. There is a beach club on the beach, which can be a good option to sit and have a drink while enjoying the view.

  1. Uluwatu

Uluwatu, or Suluban Beach, is the true surfer’s paradise. It’s definitely a place with one of the most consistent and amazing waves in the world. But don’t worry if you are not a pro. Just sitting in a bar on the cliff right in front of the waves overlooking the pros ripping the waves while you sip a drink or eat some nasi goreng (famous Indonesian fried rice) is already a good reason to come to Uluwatu Beach. 

The beach itself is something unique due to the cliffs that fall into the sea and the steps and caves the rocks have created that lead to the open ocean. The beach is a small area where you can watch the waves crashing into rocks and observe the surfers passing by. You will notice that this is not a conventional beach: it has rock formations and crevices in the rocks, carved by the action of the sea. The beach is even more beautiful at low tide, as you can see its reef formations while small natural pools form all over. 

  1. Green Bowl

Located south of Bali in the Bukit Peninsula, Green Bowl Beach is another one of the best beaches in the region. Green Bowl is one of those beaches you won’t forget and not just because you have to take 300 steps to reach, but mainly because of what you’ll see next. 

Get ready to enjoy a stunning beach with soft sand and crystal clear water. The sea is so crystalline that you can see its bottom, while the waters vary between shades of green and blue. If that’s not enough, there’s also a cave inhabited by bats. The cave is a famous photo spot on the beach.

Green Bowl is an isolated gem, really ideal for slowing down and relaxing in contact with nature, enjoying the features of the sea and the beautiful sunset. However, you will never be completely alone. The area is inhabited by some friendly little monkeys that may get closer to say “hi” or just to take your belongings. Watch out!

  1. Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is located in the eastern part of the Bukit Peninsula. This is the 5 star resort area of Bali and is mostly for couples or families. It is a place that differs from the rest of the island, where Balinese architecture is not so evident and where large international chain resorts prevail. As it is a more exclusive area, there are stretches of sand where you will see few people, especially in the morning. For those looking for peace, structure and comfort, staying in Nusa Dua is a good option.

The beach is a long stretch of sand surrounded by trees and protected by the coral reef, with the waves breaking offshore. The waters are crystal clear and the waves close to the beach are calm and gentle, ideal for children. The sand is clear and the water is warm and greenish. 

Here you can relax, walk or even practice some sports, such as volleyball. You can easily rent sun loungers, umbrellas and chairs along the beach. 

  1. Pandawa

Until the early 2000s Pandawa Beach was known as the “secret beach”, until when it started to become more popular with tourists. The coastal stretch is located near the village of Kutuh, a majestic frame of large smooth stone cliffs, which reveal breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. 

To get to the beach, you will have to walk along slightly winding paths in the middle of nature. The effort will be rewarded with a tropical postcard panorama, white sand and water with shades of blue. The view of the blue sea contrasting with the green of the trees and the surrounding rocks form a very beautiful and somewhat unexpected scenario

The beach itself is beautiful, it has a long stretch of sand, parking, stalls selling typical products and some restaurants. There is a good structure on the sand, with sun loungers and umbrellas, but it might get crowded, so it may not be the most peaceful place to relax. Generally the waves on the beach are not very strong so it’s ideal for swimming. However, sometimes the sea can get very rough and swimming is not recommended. 

  1. Karma Kandara

Karma Kandara is always a nice surprise to visitors. Many people don’t have high expectations before coming here but the place ends up exceeding expectations.

This beach is one of the most beautiful in Bali. A true paradise where you can relax in crystal clear waters, surrounded by lush vegetation and soft sand. If relaxing on the beach is not for you and you prefer to dedicate yourself to water sports and physical activities, then you can do kayaking or windsurfing here, as well as snorkeling. Here you can also find hotels with spa centers and all kinds of services.