Bali is a cheap destination if compared to European, American or Australian tourist spots. Accommodation, food, attractions and activities in Bali are much cheaper than the prices you will find in popular destinations around the world. However, we know that the flight ticket to get to Bali is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, expense when planning your vacation. For this reason, we have gathered some strategies for you to get the best flight ticket prices and finally enjoy the amazing Island of Gods without breaking the bank. 

Check out our 6 tips below!

  1. Be flexible with dates

You can be sure about this: you are not the only one who wants to travel on a Friday night after work and return late on a Sunday evening right before getting back to work on Monday! So, it’s quite possible that you won’t find the best rates during those times. If you have flexibility in your schedule, try dates that fall on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Also, if flexibility allows, look for tickets during the low season months in Bali which are February to May and September to November. Other than the best flight deals, you will also find the best deals on accommodation, activities and less tourists during these months.  

  1. Know the right time to buy your airline tickets

Some airlines say that the sooner you buy tickets, the more you save. Not quite. The law of supply versus demand justifies this. It works like this: airlines need to fill at least 60% of the occupancy capacity of a given flight. As this capacity is reached, the price goes up. If this occupancy rate is not fulfilled, the best way for the airline to get travelers is by making promotions. So, it’s possible to find good prices closer to the day of the flight if there’s low demand for that specific flight. 

So when to buy? From our experience, it’s better to buy international flight tickets 2 to 6 months in advance. If you are flying in high season or on holidays, extend this period.

As far as the best specific day or time to buy a flight ticket (for example, on Tuesday after midnight), this may have worked in the past but it doesn’t seem to be working now. In fact, airfare pricing is constantly changing, even by the hour. Airlines are always changing their prices to win over more customers and undercut their competitors. What matters most is the date on which you will make your trip – and for that, the more flexible, the better.

  1. Look for alternative airports

You don’t always need to buy tickets from or to a destination to go there! Confused? OK, I will explain. If you live close to more than one airport, it’s always a good idea to check the price leaving from the most convenient airports from you. Each airport has its own fees, and these fees can make the difference between a very expensive ticket or a very cheap ticket. In the vast majority of search engines it is possible to select the departure location according to the city, not just the specific airport. Always choose the city and compare the results!

As far as the destination airport, the island of Bali has only one airport, which is the Denpasar International Airport. However, you can look for other tickets arriving in Jakarta first, which is the airport located in the capital of Indonesia. From there, you can take a domestic flight to Bali, which is usually inexpensive. Another way is to go to Singapore first, then take a straight flight to Bali, which is also not expensive. Singapore Airport has many connection flights to all airports in Asia, so you might find a cheap flight from your home country to Singapore. 

  1. Participate in airline miles, points programs and track airfare deals

Consider joining the miles and points programs of the airlines you most frequently fly with to take advantage when buying flight tickets. Each airline has their own rules and advantages, but usually you earn miles after every purchase that can be redeemed once you reach a specific amount of miles. The advantages vary from promotions, discounts and even free tickets on your future purchases. Other than that, consider getting a credit that accumulates points with every purchase that can be redeemed for airline miles when booking your next vacation. 

Another valuable way to save on tickets is to follow airline social media profiles and search engines and by signing up to receive their newsletters. That way, whenever a promotion comes along and the price drops, you’ll know right away. Sometimes it might be annoying to have an email full of promotions but if you are really interested in a destination and don’t have much time to plan, registering to receive the newsletters of the airlines that fly the route you want might bring a good saving opportunity.  

  1. Use search engines

Flight search engines have the advantage of showing the prices offered on different websites, including on other search engines and on official airline websites. To name just a few sites: Skyscanner, Kayak, Google Flights, Expedia and so on.

With so many options, which search engine should you use? The answer is simple: use as many as possible! The more you compare prices, the better. Over time, you will end up with your favorite search engines – but for that you need to use some of them and choose your favorite based on your own experience.

  1. Take the opportunity to make a stopover

If you have flexibility on your schedule, try to break your flight into two destinations by doing a so-called stopover. This consists of buying a ticket that allows you to disembark and spend a few days in the connecting country, at no additional cost.

For example: you could buy a ticket to Bali with a stopover in Singapore for a few days, then take another flight to Bali. Another way is to buy separate tickets: one to Singapore and another from Singapore to Bali. It all depends on the prices and if it’s convenient, but it really might be cheaper to buy separate tickets rather than together. There are some low cost airlines such as AirAsia, Scoot and Lion Air, flying from Singapore or Jakarta to Bali. Keep an eye on them for very cheap airfares!